Keep Braddock Park Ballfields Open to the Public


Dear Editor:

Commendably, Hudson County removed the “Field Use By Permit Only” signs on what had been the last ballfields open to the the general public in Braddock Park.

However, a few feet away, between an artificial turf baseball field and a huge (natural) grassy field is this sign: “Coaches and Players Only Beyond This Point No Fans or Spectators Allowed on Field Ord. # 213-5-1982”.

The intent of this sign is not clear because it doesn’t specify which field is only for coaches and players. If a game isn’t in progress, can someone be fined or arrested for walking on these fields?

The Hudson County clerk wrote me: “The Synthetic turf portion is open at all times and is used by the general public unless being used for permitted play. The grass section requires another full growth cycle for the sod to take. We do allow people to walk across it, but don’t allow any ball playing on the grass”.

Why not post more informative signs?

A sign at the synthetic field should say it is open to the public except when permit-holders have a scheduled game, and it should include information about the permit application process and the rules and regulations for using the field.

A sign at the (natural) grass field should say the public should keep off (until next spring?), so that the sod will take hold, and fence off the area.

Please send this message to the Hudson County Commissioners at:

Robert Walden