Doing government


Dear Editor:

The earliest colonists, and later the Founders of our nation, virtually had to do government. They had to tame the wilderness and tame themselves in order to survive. It was a necessity for folks to participate in local regulation of economic and social affairs.

Today, the socio-economic foundations of our country have long ago been laid, and Americans have lost their sense of urgency in exercising local power.

By now, greedy power mongers in all sectors of society have set up little empires that they rule by excluding others from the decision-making process.

We think we are into empowerment when we assert gender identity or a truculent opinion regarding one political celebrity or another. That is not power.

We need to be in the seats of power ourselves. The rich and famous need to be invited to divest some of their perks and powers and share them with the middle class and the poor. We all have something to teach one another, and we all need to participate in government.

Kimball Shinkoskey