Community Call to Action: Blood Donations Needed

Jersey City Medical Center is asking residents to donate blood to fill the short supply


While COVID-19 conditions have improved, the need for blood never ends. Our hospitals rely on individual donations to provide much of the blood that we use, and our primary blood suppliers urgently need the public’s help to address the severe blood shortage and avoid potential delays in lifesaving medical care for patients in need. 

“As hospital needs outpace blood donations, the state’s blood supply is rapidly diminishing,” said Dr. Michael Loftus, Chief Medical Officer at Jersey City Medical Center.

Donors must be at least 16-years old (under 18 with parental permission) and weigh at least 110 pounds (120 pounds if 16-years old). Donors must also present photo identification at the time of donation.

Help Jersey City Medical Center address the blood shortage, and donate blood on Thursday, July 22nd, 12:00pm – 5:30pm. Appointments are REQUIRED. Make an appointment today at or by calling 908-685-2926.

All donors will receive a meal pass and a t-shirt.