Questions and Answers: Bulk, Scrap Metal, and  Mattresses

Since the new garbage and recycling schedules began on July 1, the Department of Public Works has received multiple questions about bulk items, scrap metal, and mattresses.  In this column, we will try to address several of the issues that people have been raising.

Question: I want to throw out all of the furniture and everything else in my house at the same time.  Will the garbage truck pick it all up at once?

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Answer:  No. A garbage truck is not big enough to pick up all of that stuff on one trip while also serving our other residents on the route. You have three choices: 1.) You could make a reservation with the Public Works Department to have the bulk items picked up three at a time.  OR 2.) You could make arrangements with a private firm that specializes in clean-outs and junk removal to remove everything you’re willing to pay to have removed.  OR 3.) You could order a dumpster from a private company, load it up with stuff, and then pay them to drive it all away when it is full.

Question:  I would like to have bulk items picked up.  When is the next bulk item pick-up date?

Answer:  The next bulk item pick-up date is Saturday, August 14.  To make a reservation for a bulk item pick-up, please call 201-858-6123.

Question:  Could you give me some examples of bulk items?

Answer: Bulk items include couches, tables, and chairs.

Question: I would like to throw out old air conditioners.  Are they bulk items?

Answer: No.  They are scrap metal items, which are picked up on Tuesdays by reservation only. To arrange for a scrap metal pick-up, please call 201-858-6099.

Question:  What are computers and televisions considered?

Answer: They are considered electronic waste or e-waste.  For an e-waste pick-up, please call 201-858-6099 for weekday pick-ups.

Question: I am starting several do-it-yourself home improvement projects. When I am done, can I throw out all of the old bricks and flooring with my regular household garbage?

Answer: No.  That is construction debris.  It is not regular household garbage.  You would have to make arrangements with a private company to haul away construction debris.

Question:  Are special arrangements required for mattress pick-ups?

Answer: Yes. Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic.  They are picked up on Tuesdays by reservation only.  Please call 201-858-6123 to arrange a mattress pick-up.







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