I’m a Knucklehead? That’s not why I protested Phil Murphy in Union City!

Dear Editor:

The people who came to protest Phil Murphy came for different reasons. While we all supported the anti-eviction stimulus bill signed into law on Aug. 4th, we all agreed we did not support Murphy.

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I, myself, came to protest on behalf of the 5,600 elderly people who were murdered in the nursing homes in NJ. As Governor, Phil Murphy was responsible for placing sick patients in NJ nursing homes; while simultaneously denying nursing home patients care. Justice must be served! These were someone’s mothers, fathers, or grandparents!

In addition, to nursing home patients, many regular emergency room & hospital patients also died by being denied care. I myself was nearly one of those people. I have severe chronic asthma. With the excuse of “not knowing my covid status”, a mask was placed over my face and I was denied all proper medical care in order to force me to be placed in a medically-induced coma and intubation (i.e, being placed on a ventilator).

This was in October 2020. I was fortunate to be able to leave Carepoint Hospital and be able to be treated at the Jersey City Medical Center. I would like to give my thanks in fact to the staff of that hospital that saved my life. You know who you are. May God bless you. Unlike me however, how many other people were not so fortunate? These actions in addition to the nursing home deaths must be prosecuted.

Recently Phil Murphy has announced he is going to lockdown the state again as well as mandate state workers to get the jab. Some of the protestors were against the lockdowns & the introduction of Vaccine Passports on the fundamental principles of human liberty & the constitution. Others were store owners, who cannot survive another lockdown & the lockdown measures such as masks & restricted entry which big retailers like Wal-Mart are exempt from. Others were state employees who refuse to take the jab, and still others were those who lost family members to the covid vaccine. One of our most vocal protestors lost her grandchild to the vaccine. We can only imagine her grief.

In 2009, the Swine Flu vaccine was removed from the market after 52 deaths. According to the latest Official CDC VAERS Figures: 11,900 Deaths, ½ million Adverse effects! Instead of removing this Covid-19 vaccine, why is Phil Murphy and the mayor of Hoboken mandating this EUA vaccine, which is according to federal law illegal to mandate?

It is for all of these different reasons that we came to protest!

To join us in future actions in Hudson County, Please contact me at: anna.stoplockdown@yahoo.com

Anna Coco


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