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Hoboken Chess Presents Rapid Chess Tournament on August 15


Hoboken Chess will hold its second over-the-board rapid chess tournament at Play! Hoboken on Sunday, August 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hoboken Chess will host this tournament in hopes it will become a monthly event. It will be a casual Swiss-System tournament in which participants will be invited to play either 15-minute games with bonus time or 30-minute games, depending on their age or relative skill level.

With the game’s recent explosion in popularity due to the accessibility of online chess, Hoboken Chess hopes to give experienced players and newcomers alike the chance to meet and play against fellow chess enthusiasts.

Over forty players attended Hoboken Chess’s previous tournament on July 18, twenty-eight players in the adults’ section and fifteen in the children’s competed for prizes. The top three adults, Dan Seymour, Sachin Ranade, and Jeffrey Caveny, won items from Hoboken Game Lounge’s retail store, while the top eight children received trophies.

Pre-registration costs $10, guaranteeing entry and granting the registrant a discount upon arrival. The first eight pre-registrants will only pay $5. Walk-ins are also welcome. More information can be found at https://hobokenchess.com/tournament/.

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