Dear Editor:

To New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy, and To Whom It May Concern:

We the People are now 18 months into draconian oppression statewide, nationwide and worldwide, with no end in sight, over an illness with 98% recovery rate.

We the People have suffered emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, financially, and socially from the trampling of our God-given and United States Constitutional rights, including lock-downs, school-closings, small businesses being shuttered and religious institutions and houses of worship being forced to close.

We the People have had enough of, and say NO to the ‘mandates’, forced closures, arrests, physical trauma, forced ‘vaccinations’ with Donald Trump’s ‘Warp Speed’ experimental non-FDA approved injections, and other abuses due to government’s agendas and mismanagement of the Covid-19 illness.

New Jersey’s professional media source, News 12 New Jersey, conducted a poll last month (July 2021) in which this was the only question asked: “Which #COVID19 restrictions should be tightened? Vaccine Mandate / Face Mask Mandate / Both / Neither” The answer “NEITHER” received 60+% of the vote.

Below are demands we have regarding the handling of the Covid illnesses and other serious issues facing New Jersey and our great nation:


*That there be NO forced mandated or otherwise governmental induced injections, ‘vaccines’, passports, or other paper or electronic data for ‘proof of being vaccinated and/or tested for Covid-19’ or any subsequent variation of any illness. End all mandates.

*The government educate the people about alternative, healthier therapies – including increased cleanliness, the safe usage of vitamins and supplements such as vitamins C, D, B Complex and Zinc, and the option of taking safe, effective FDA approved treatments such as Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin.

*Ending the false, scurrilous and libelous/slanderous governmental and media attacks against the ‘non-vaccinated’ people.

*A full moratorium on forced, illegally mandated mail-in ballots and voting drop-boxes. (We already have the option to request ‘absentee ballots’ if afraid to actually go to polling centers, and we already have ‘drop-boxes’ – they’re called mail boxes which are protected via the United States Post Office.)

*That all public spaces and infrastructure return to full usage at optimal sanitation. For instance, why have the public restrooms at Jersey City’s Journal Square train station been closed for over three years now? Reportedly local merchants explain that patrons and homeless are forced to urinate and defecate all over Journal Square area including in front of businesses.

*That funds be allocated for increased cleaning and sanitizing of public spaces – including train stations, public restrooms, libraries, police stations, fire departments and schools, etc.
Thank you in advance for your swift attention.


Erik-Anders Nilsson