Implosion at the Former MOT: A Step into the Future

On Sunday, August 8, Buildings 32 and 42 at the former Military Ocean Terminal (MOT) were imploded.  The implosion was carried out by Controlled Demolition, Inc. of Maryland, and Control Services of Bayonne, to make way for the construction of a new logistics center for UPS by Lincoln Equities.  Implosion was a step into a brighter economic future.  The UPS complex will have 1.4 million square feet.  It is expected to provide more than 1,000 jobs.  When the federal government closed the Military Ocean Terminal in 1999, Bayonne lost a major source of employment.  At its height, the military base provided about 2,500 civilian jobs.  More than two decades later, the UPS logistics center will be a major source of jobs.  The Dry Dock, the Cruise Port, and the retail businesses at the former terminal are also notable job-providers.

Controlled Demolition and Lincoln Equities planned the implosion in coordination with the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), the N.J. Department of Labor, the Bayonne Police Department, the Bayonne Fire Department, the Bayonne Office of Emergency Management, and the Port Authority.  By working together, the private and public sectors paved the way for significant economic development.  The NJDEP oversaw the entire project.  The safety of our residents was paramount.  All safety precautions were followed.  The implosion was done at no cost to the City of Bayonne.  Lincoln Equities covered all of the costs.

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Buildings 32 and 42 were heavily fortified, former military buildings that were constructed to withstand exterior bombs during World War II.  That is why they were imploded. Demolition crews drilled holes in the buildings to reduce them down to columns that were wrapped.  The buildings were surrounded by fences and fabric to protect people and property during the implosion.   Great care was taken to keep everyone safe as the past made way for the future.

Among those witnessing the implosion were Jasmine and Tom Hammond.  Both Jasmine and Tom were employees of the MOT.  They both worked in Building 42. WCBS Channel 2 and New Jersey Advance Media interviewed them.  While they were sad to see the end of their former workplace, they said that they appreciated the new jobs.

We would like to thank and remember everyone who served our country at the Military Ocean Terminal.  We will continue to focus on developing assets for the future without forgetting the great work they did in the past.

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