The Democratic Party Has Become A Radical Socialist Party

Dear Editor:

Socialism comes in many flavors. There is the old style Soviet Communist version, the German Nationalist Socialist version, there is the Yugoslav model, Swedish Democratic Socialism, the new reformed Chinese Communism, and so forth.

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The rejection of private property and private enterprise is not a necessity for socialist goals and policies. The idea of America as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America is that a people can live and thrive successfully under a government with extremely limited powers. It shall be primarily up to us, the people, through our communications and interactions to create our culture, our civilization, our pursuit of happiness.

The Democratic Party no longer believes in these values. Yes, there are Democrat politicians who quote these American Values, but their policies and political goals work towards ever greater governmental power and control of the citizen. And may I remind everyone that a business, corporation, LLC, Partnership, etc., is legally recognized as a Legal Person and thus subject to the same constitutional protection as a real person.

Mr. Epstein recently disputed that the Democratic Party has joined the Socialist movement. I am afraid Mr. Epstein does not understand what the idea of America is all about. Furthermore, Mr. Epstein argues that Prof. Paul Krugman is not a socialist because he was awarded the Nobel Prize of Economics. There are two branches of science – natural science (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology, etc.) and social science (Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, etc.). Since the Nobel organization awarded the peace prize to Ho Chi Minh and Yasser Arafat, the social branch of the Nobel Prize has totally lost its significance. Prof. Krugman is known to be a radical socialist economist.

Unfortunately for Mr. Epstein, the publications by Mr. Levin that he is demonizig bear a lot of truth. If we cherish the very idea of America, we must reject today’s Democratic Party. Maybe then a new generation will be empowered that can revive the Democratic values of John F. Kennedy. That is when the Democratic Party truly was a Great American Party.

Alexander Schenk

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