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Cannabis is not a harmless substance

Only medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed for now

Dear Editor:

Cannabis–medical or recreational–is an issue we all need to think long and hard about.

I am already seeing drivers smoking weed as they are driving here in NJ. And no matter their reasons for doing so–this is a hazard to us all. We really do not need to add this substance to further impair drivers making poor decisions.

The human brain is a precious and delicate organ that we need to protect from harm. The frequent introduction of mind-altering chemicals is just not a great idea for our brains. As a retired Physical Therapist who has worked with people with brain injuries, I implore people to take a deep look at what we are doing to ourselves.

Making Cannabis easier to acquire and use is dangerous for those of us who need and expect public health and safety measures to have priority.

Janet Mines Krings

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