Questioning 5G Near Schools

Dear Editor:

To the parents of children attending Mary J. Donahue school in Bayonne. Are you aware that the city politicians allowed AT&T to place two 5G antennae’s in very close proximity to the school? The first, at Dodge & Orient streets is within 100 yards of the school. The second, at Lord & 4th, is approximately 200 yards from the school. Both have direct line-of-sight transmission into the classrooms. Students and faculty will be subject to at least 6 hours daily of millimeter/microwave transmission and possible radiation concerns.

As recently as two weeks ago, a federal court, the US Circuit Court of Appeals in DC, made a decision against the FCC stating “it failed to consider evidence of potential RF radiation impacts” in deciding not to update its studies from 1996 concerning health and environmental effects from 3G/4G/5G technology. The FCC has made rulings allowing the technology from a study 25 years ago, when this technology didn’t even exist! The lawsuit was brought by the CHD (Childrens Health Defense) against the FCC.

Just this past November, the State of New Hampshire had commissioned an independent study of the effects of 5G. The 111 page report, when delivered, stated “substantial scientific evidence finding harmful health and environmental impacts”.

It needs to be asked why even insurance companies won’t insure either the equipment or liability concerns of 5G for the telecommunication companies? Because they’re afraid of all the lawsuits years down the road concerning health claims, similar to all the asbestos litigation currently going on.

As usual, the politicians just pass resolutions and amendments without any investigation or due diligence. The mayor will get his $270 per pole from AT&T, but at what cost to our children and adults?

If I had a child attending the school, I would be contacting officials wanting answers. The scientific community is a lot more knowledgeable then the politicians when it comes to this.

David Falandys