Hoboken launches Citi Bike valet service near Hoboken Terminal

Citi Bike valet service will be available at the Hoboken Terminal - River Street docking station.

Hoboken has announced the launch of a Citi Bike valet service at the Hoboken Terminal – River Street docking station to ensure that riders will have bikes and docking spots available at the station.

The service will have staff on hand to provide extra bikes for riders and ensure docking space for those who drop off bikes at the station.

Popular spot

“[The station] is one of our most popular docking stations,” said Hoboken spokesperson Marilyn Baer. “In the past, we’ve heard some residents who were concerned or decided to not opt in to use Citi Bike because they did not have the service already available. They would have to instead go find a free docking station to park the bikes.”

The Citi Bike share system launched in Hoboken back in May in partnership with Jersey City, with 23 docking stations currently available throughout Hoboken. A total of 29 stations will be available in the future.

Valet staff will be available from 7 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays to assist. The service is free for all Citi Bike riders.

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