Celebrity hucksters

Dear Editor:

There is nothing more irritating in our culture of exploitation in America than happy-go-lucky celebrities turned spokespersons for hyaluronic face cream, back pain medicine, and many other consumer products. They are acting for the benefit of their own personal brand first, for the 1% class second, and for the hapless consumer last.

These celebrities, successful in high visibility careers like music, acting, or sports, pitch “goods” and services the working poor don’t need, shouldn’t want, and must borrow to pay for.

Today’s entertainer salespersons bring to mind other varieties of suspect professionals like ambulance chasers, tax collectors, sex workers, and payday loan sharks.

They are a parade of villains and a perp walk of beauty and brawn that just keeps taking and taking ‘til everyone in 99% America is hurting.

Kimball Shinkoskey