Reflections on 9/11

Dear Editor:

On 9/11/2001 the United States of America was attacked in an act of war. Commercial airplanes were used as missiles to attack strategic American buildings and over three thousand American lives were willfully taken.

It is of utmost importance that we start to elect politicians that have the mental capacity and intellect to recognize and accept the new conditions of our world. Warfare is no longer just between countries with uniformed soldiers. The war orchestrated by the Iranian Mullahs is fought by “soldiers” from many different countries in civilian garb. President Bush’s strategy to overthrow the governments in Afghanistan and Iraq and establish strong military bases in both countries was the only correct strategy for the USA and the free world. Afghanistan borders Iran on the East and Iraq borders Iran on the West. We had now sandwiched Iran militarily. This was an important intimidation against the Iranian Mullah regime that needed to be maintained until this Mullah dictatorship would have ended. It is therefore of utmost importance to maintain this military presence East and West of Iran.

President Trump investigated the possibility of troupe reductions in Afghanistan, but there were strict political conditions that needed to be met to do so. President Biden hastily withdrew all US troupes regardless of the political conditions in Afghanistan. As a result Afghanistan faltered, US citizens and allies were left behind in a new regime extremely hostile to the US. The bloodbath arising in Afghanistan will rival the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia in the 1970s. This unstructured troupe withdrawal emboldened Iran and deeply hurt all of our allies and thus deeply hurt the USA. This was not just an act of incompetence. Considering that this hasty troupe withdrawal was done against the advise of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, our top generals, indicates the intent by President Biden to weaken the international standing of the USA and to discourage any nation around the world to ever ally itself with a conservative or Republican Government for decades to come. This is something no US President has ever done and shall never do again! Remember this at the next election.

Alexander Schenk