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Dump Rich Boggiano! Support Tom Zuppa!

Dear Editor:

In a couple of weeks, the people of Jersey City will go to the polls to elect an administration that will guide this municipality for the next four years.

I firmly believe that Tom Zuppa should be given the opportunity to represent the people of Ward C.

Tom Zuppa has exemplified competence, confidence, conviction, and commitment through his grass roots campaign and community projects. Tom Zuppa has inspired and motivated the people of Ward C to harmoniously work together to make their community the best in the city. In many ways, Tom Zuppa has restored dignity and pride to Ward C.

During the Ward C debate, Tom Zuppa displayed the professional demeanor of a true statesman. He clearly demonstrated that he would be an independent community leader – the kind of leader that Ward C truly deserves.

On the other hand, the incumbent, Rich Boggiano, has become an embarrassment to the community. Boggiano “sold” his independent voice on the council to be nothing more than a mere “cog” in the mayor’s political machine. Perhaps Boggiano believed that he would be able to leverage the mayor’s war chest to finance his re-election bid and ride the mayor’s coat-tails to another four years in office. If Rich Boggiano is willing to “sell out” his independent voice, then would he be willing to “sell out” his Ward’s – his constituents’ – best interests to satisfy one of city hall’s costly pet projects?

Rich Boggiano came across as a “political Bozo” during the debate. Interaction during the debate revealed that Rich Boggiano had Tom Zuppa’s campaign posters removed from a community within Journal Square. No candidate has the right to remove his opponent’s campaign posters. As reported in another local publication, Rich Boggiano got egg smeared all over his face when he tried to “evict” a minority business owner from the old police kiosk on McGinley Square. Are these the actions of a true community leader? Or, are these the acts of a desperate political hack?

Honestly, I get the feeling that improvements in (and to) Ward C did not occur because of Rich Boggiano. They occurred in spite of him.

Journal Square is entering a “Renaissance.” That said, Ward C needs a representative on the city’s council that is progressive, proactive, and forward-thinking; and who can skillfully and proficiently lead and guide the community through this glorious re-birth. Tom Zuppa is the kind of energetic, dynamic go-getter that can be – that should be – Ward C’s leader during this “Renaissance.”

Let’s give Tom Zuppa a chance on November 2. You – We – won’t be disappointed.

John Di Genio

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