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Election Integrity and Lockdown Measures


Dear Editor:

I am disgusted by the Hudson Reporter’s failure to report on: 1) Voting irregularities and 2) The importance of the gubernatorial elections.

It is not a question of Left or Right; Democrat or Republican. I am a member of the Democratic Party and am disgusted by the lack of transparency in our recent gubernatorial elections. Any democracy is based on the notion of fair and transparent elections. Yet, this last election has been strife with irregularities from double counted ballots to reports of registered voters being turned away at the polls. NJ, but especially Hudson County has made a mockery of the election process. In spite of this, the closest the Hudson Reporter has come to broaching the subject is with their latest article: “During elections in Hudson County transparency group attempted to oversee process.” The article repeatedly asserts “all claims of irregularities have been debunked” although clearly the Hudson County Board of Elections even admits to voting irregularities such as the double counting.

This brings up my 2nd point. No mention has ever been made about what this recent election was about. It is dishonest not to mention the elephant in the room. The Murphy vs. Ciattarelli race was not about personalities but about the institution of vaccine passports that soon will require adults & children to be nanochipped, and other lockdown measures that violate the most basic of human rights and nullify the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution.

Mom & Pop restaurants in NYC have seen a 60% drop in revenue since DeBlasio instituted the vax pass. Large corporations can withstand a temporary loss of business, but not small businesses. 60% of these businesses are expected to close due to the restrictions. Obviously anxious store owners in NJ were afraid of a similar bill being passed here and voted for Ciattarelli as were employees, especially healthcare workers, who didn’t want to take the experimental vaccines and the endless boosters. Because in order to have a valid vaccine passport, you must take a booster every 6 months indefinitely. 72,000 nurses were recently fired in NYS for refusing the Jab; causing a dangerous healthcare shortage. There is talk about replacing them with National Guardsmen which shows this is not about health.

If it were about health, insulin & the EpiPen would be free instead of costing nearly $700.
Except for some economic journals, newspapers have failed to address Great Depression II (GDII) and the permanent loss of 48 million jobs. In other words, Covid was a distraction used to cover up GDII. An invisible agent makes a good excuse to institute repressive measures. In Nazi Germany Jews & political prisoners were sent to camps accused of carrying Typhus where often they were used in Big Pharma experiments. Hence the reason for the creation of the Nuremberg Code. I urge everyone interested to contact us at: Stopthelockdown.wordpress.com

Anna Coco
General Secretary,


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