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TEDx Talks are coming to Bayonne

A speaker addresses the TED2019 conference in Vancouver, Canada. Image via TED.com

TEDx Talks are coming to Bayonne.

TED, a non-profit organization which aims to promote “the idea of spreading ideas,” began in 1984 as a conference about “Technology, Entertainment and Design” before becoming an established non-profit. Since then, the conferences and their approximately 18 minutes or less TED Talks have been hosted worldwide by the organization and have become synonymous with short and powerful presentations of information.

The difference between TED and TEDx is that the latter is more specific and specialized to a certain geographical area. In this case, the TEDxBayonne conference and its TEDx Talks will be about all things Bayonne.

A TED conference in Bayonne

According to event organizers, the conference will be an annual independently organized TED conference aiming to “bring together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any subject.”

The conference will be fully volunteer-run and was founded by co-organizers Carissa Lintao and Maxim Sokolov. The theme for the 2022 conference is “re.think.”

In the first installment of TEDxBayonne, the conference aims to discover stories about “stopping, finding deeper purpose, and rethinking our old ways.”

First of many?

The 2022 TEDxBayonne conference will be the city’s “first of its kind,” organizers say. The event aims to showcase “diverse, groundbreaking ideas” about technology, education, design, humanities, and other subjects.

“We’re beyond excited to bring TED to the Bayonne community,” said Lintao. “The city deserves an event focused on growth and innovation, something it’s been lacking up until now.”

Sokolov added: “Our vision is to make TEDxBayonne a catalyst for Bayonne’s progress as a community and serve to uplift, challenge and inspire.”

The TEDxBayonne conference will be hosted at The Knights of Columbus at 669 Avenue C on April 21.

There is now an open call for speakers, performers and volunteers. For more information, visit www.tedxbayonne.com.

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