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Bad Condition of Weehawken Roadway

Dear Editor:

The road repair work at King Avenue and JFK Boulevard East in Weehawken is one of the worst repair jobs. They turned this heavily transited piece of local road into a disaster which damages private vehicles and more infurating public vehicles. Tax payers paid for the sub par repairs to the roadway and now have to pay for repairs to NJ Transit buses which bounce like balloons over the craters at King Avenue and Boulevard East. No one seems to care about the public – personally I have had to replace one tire due to this crater-filled area. I’m sure many others have sustained suspension and tire damage. My question to the mayor of Weekhawken – are you going to ignore this situation? Why don’t you invite the contractor back to survey their crappy work and make the proper repairs, and stop damaging our vehicles.

Scott Seger

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