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Guttenberg Arts Gallery exhibit features artists in residence


Guttenberg Arts Gallery presents ‘Space in Time: Fall 2021,’ a group exhibition of Fall Artists in Residence; Anonda Bell, Elly Oh and Artemio Morales.

On view from December 11th ­— February 13th, 2022 at the Guttenberg Arts Gallery with an opening reception on Saturday December 11th, 7 – 9 p.m. that will include a live musical performance by Alejandro Meola.

Guttenberg Arts Gallery is open by appointment only Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm and anytime, virtually on our website. Patrons can schedule their visit or view the virtual gallery by going to www.guttenbergarts.org/exhibitions.

During her time at Guttenberg Arts, Anonda Bell created a new body of sculptural work entitled “Extinct.” At first thought, anything becoming “extinct” sounds like an undesirable outcome – the magnitude of something ceasing to exist, for all eternity, is overwhelming.  However, the approach Bell has taken is to consider the genesis and extinction of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and viruses, as part of the life cycle of this planet, with inevitable change over time.

Bell’s work references an interest in the artificial differentiation of humans and other life forms. In this case and at this time, there is much to be said about humans and the impact of their life on the planet. We are, unequivocally, the dominant species, for now. But this has not always been the case, and therefore it is reasonable to consider future circumstances in which we must face our own, inevitable, demise. Humans are directly implicated in both the accidental and deliberate extinction of other species on this planet.  We are not the only life form to have this ability. Historically, there is a theory that centers gas from certain bacteria as a source of one mass extinction of 90% of creatures on this planet prior to the arrival of humans around 250 million years ago.

Eunyoung Oh’s work reconstructs feelings of longing to enjoy and values moments of the past to learn where she is going. Oh’s work is inspired by her childhood memories. It investigates the relationships between her heritage, yearnings and life in the present. Using clay, Oh build sculptural forms, using Korean traditional methods or materials. Various memories are materialized in different forms and structures, and a variety of techniques, processes, and materials imply how her story is created. The repetitive and delicate work is an important process that reconstructs memories and gives meaning to the work. Recreating objects, patterns, and designs through roof tiles or other objects is a way to convey my personal connection to a different place with the contemporary time.

Artemio Morales is a software developer whose “why” is to create a more reciprocal world. Morales’ passions lie at the intersection of art, literature, gaming, social change, and technology, and he loves using my programming skills to create bridges between disciplines, cultures, and communities. To that end, one of Morales’ specialties is creating innovative new media literature — work that aims to revolutionize publishing by developing new design vocabulary for literature in the digital space, and reenvisioning what books can be as multimedia collaborations when liberated from the printed page.

To execute on this vision, from 2017-2020, Morales created Maestro, a suite of custom publishing tools, which he uses to develop cross-platform new media literature experiences. During his residency at Guttenberg Arts, using this tool, Morales programmed two collaborative pieces, SHTF and Riveted in the Word, as a means of devising workflows for creating this interdisciplinary style of content, as well as testing technology and methods of digital distribution.

Morales also created Alternative Worlds, a online multidisciplinary collection of work by Andean and Asian American creators, hosted on AltSalt, a community website he created whose mission is to create a communal space for zines, comics, story-driven games, and more, where underserved groups and allies can uplift each other in dialogue with the broader world. These pieces reflect the breadth of what the artist hopes to achieve with his work — innovation as well as promoting dialogues that can allow us to expand in our reciprocity with one another, in hopes that we can find solutions to our world’s biggest crises by growing in our collective wisdom.

Using new media literature, Morales’ intention is next to continue bridging these worlds by creating new expressions of socially-conscious, transformative work that can both reach broad audiences and interface with broader initiatives among changemakers everywhere who are working to create a new kind of solidarity economy — and, by extension, a more sustainable, reciprocal future.

Exhibition: December 11, 2021 – February 13, 2022; Opening Saturday December 11.  Schedule your visit by going to www.guttenbergarts.org/exhibitions  For more information please contact matt@guttenbergarts.org or 201-868-8585. Guttenberg Art Gallery is free and open to the public by appointment only. www.guttenbergarts.org

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