Boggiano Got The Win, But It Wasn’t a Victory

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Rich Boggiano on his win on Dec. 7. However, it was no victory.

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There are some 25,000 registered voters in Ward C, only 3,000 or so voted in the run-off on Dec 7. If you do the arithmetic, that represents only 12 percent of the registered voters.

The numbers get even more “concerning,” if not depressing, when you consider that Rich Boggiano received only 1700 votes. That essentially means only 7 percent of the registered voters have decided the fate and future of Ward C. Given that figure, it would be extremely difficult to definitively state that Rich Boggiano has a mandate from his constituents.

The numbers continue to tell a dismal tale of what appears to be voter apathy. On Nov 2, Kevin Bing received 1473 votes; he received 1273 votes on Dec 7, a difference of 200 votes. On the flip side of the coin, Rich Boggiano received 2175 votes on Nov 2; he received 1733 votes during the ruin-off election, that’s a difference of 442 votes. Apparently, Boggiano supporters did not really come out in force. They, like most of the voters in Ward C, stayed home.

Granted, less people voted during the run-off election on Dec 7. But, seeing a drop of some 400 votes makes me wonder if Tom Zuppa’s endorsement or Mayor Fulop’s “letter to editor” had any impact on the outcome of the run-off election. If so, then that impact was minimal.

These numbers tell a story. It appears that most of the voters in Ward C were “apathetic.” Then again, maybe they did “vote.” Perhaps not casting a ballot on Dec 7 was their way of “voting” for “none of the above.”

John Di Genio

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