Protest the new North Bergen visitor parking regulations

Parking Authority Vehicle Illegally Parked in Braddock Park 2020
Parking Authority Vehicle Illegally Parked in Braddock Park 2020

Dear Editor:

North Bergen residents – if you’re expecting a visitor who will need to park on a North Bergen street for more than 3 hours, you can no longer buy up to 10 parking permits in advance and give your visitor one for his/her car’s dashboard with the date scratched off – instead, you must open a resident’s account at the North Bergen Parking Authority website.

When your visitor arrives, scan and upload the visitor’s driver’s license, car registration and license plate # to the NBPA and purchase a $3 permit that expires in 24 hours.

This is not just cumbersome and annoying; it is an invasion of your and your visitor’s privacy. The Parking Authority has no right to personal information about your visitors.

The alternative is to go to 1 of the 5 self-service machines on North Bergen streets, input your visitor’s license plate # (inputting visitor’s license & registration is coming) and purchase a 24 hr. permit for $10 – a 333% mark-up.

Why does North Bergen make life unnecessarily difficult for all its residents and especially the elderly, disabled and the poor?

Union City gives every household two visitor parking permits, good for a year, for free and Weehawken does similar.

North Bergen’s new permit policy will not decrease the number of out-of-town vehicles on the streets because non-residents can buy 24 hour/weekly/monthly permits at the self-service machines or online.

If the goal is to reduce counterfeit permits, the fix is to put a scannable code on the permits.

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North Bergen Parking Authority:

Robert Walden