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North Bergen Residents – Wake-up and Protest!

Parking Authority Vehicle Illegally Parked in Braddock Park 2020

Dear Editor:

North Bergen officials are untruthful when they say they’ve eliminated selling hang-tag parking permits to residents for their visitors, because it is turning North Bergen into a parking lot for out-of-town parkers who then take the bus/ferry into NYC.

Wrong. In fact, NB encourages out-of-towners to park in North Bergen by enabling them to buy parking permits online, at the Parking Authority office and at five self-service kiosks located throughout town.

The real problem is North Bergen keeps building huge housing complexes which don’t provide enough parking for tenants and visitors. More residents = more cars.
It’s also because NB doesn’t build parking garages, only small parking lots here and there.

The new parking regulations have eliminated the ability of residents to buy visitor passes in advance.

A resident must now buy a permit after the visitor arrives, after uploading the visitor’s driver’s license, registration and plate # to the NB Parking Authority (if the guest wants to park for more than 3 hours.)

This is not just unreasonable and difficult for everyone, it is an invasion of your and your visitor’s privacy.

If you never bought permits for visitors before because you didn’t think the 3 hour limit was enforced, watch out, because the Parking Authority now has a new license plate recognition system that automatically alerts the Parking Authority officer if a car doesn’t have a permit.

The new parking regulations are mean spirited and poorly thought out, unlike in Union City and Weehawken, which give their residents 2 re-usable visitor parking permits which don’t expire for at least a year, for free!

Please speak out at the NB Commissioner meeting, Wednesday, January 12 at 11 a.m. and complain to:
Mayor Sacco: mayorsoffice@northbergen.org
North Bergen Parking Authority: rbaselice@nbpaonline.org

Robert Walden

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