West New York to distribute COVID-19 tests to students

The district also offered testing to staff members

The board is distributing the tests as students return from virtual instruction to in person.

The West New York Board of Education has announced it will provide students with over 8,000 COVID-19 tests at no cost. The move follows the school district’s return to full day in-person instruction on Jan. 18, after consulting the local Department of Health.

The district will distribute the COVID-19 tests to students this week at each school. The home testing kits are from Healthway Services Inc., and directions for testing are in both English and Spanish.

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“Ensuring that every one of our students are healthy in school will always be our priority,” said Adam Parkinson, president of the West New York Board of Education. “COVID-19 has changed education in many aspects, but the West New York Board of Education will continue to tackle this pandemic responsibly and safely.”

“Throughout this pandemic, we have worked together to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our children,” said Clara Brito-Herrera, Superintendent of Schools. “In addition, we have also offered testing to our staff members within the district for the past two weeks.”

The district has worked with Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez, the Town of West New York, and the Health Department throughout the pandemic and continues to do so. The West New York Board of Education gave thanks to the Township of Weehawken for assisting to secure the tests for the school district’s students. It’s an example of necessity inspiring collaborative effort among North Hudson’s municipalities.

“Our community has been resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am thankful to our residents for being responsible as we fight against this virus,” said Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez. “My administration will continue to work with the superintendent and the school board to provide all the necessary resources to keep our children safe.”

The district reminds parents to screen students before they enter the building to ensure that the student adheres to local health department and CDC guidelines. Do not give your child fever reducing medication before sending them to school. If a child is sick, or has two or more other COVID symptoms, or is not fully vaccinated and has a potential exposure, do not send your child to school and notify the school nurse.

The Board of Education says they will continue monitoring the spread of the pandemic and the latest updates will be sent via robocall, text messages, and included on the district’s website and on the respective school website.

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