The GOP purge of the elderly


Dear Editor:

The pandemic death purge of America’s elderly population has become settled public policy.

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Two years of one-party control of pandemic administration in Republican-controlled states has given us this, notwithstanding it goes against the commandments of religion (honor thy father and thy mother), the dictates of conscience (care for those who cared for us), the honor of our ancestors, and the code of scouts.

Today, Republican party leaders, now grown-up scouts, no longer help the elderly across the street, but help them plunge into their graves.

A “saving older lives” policy has not been deemed sufficient cause to counterbalance the cause of republican liberty. American Republicans have once again answered the clarion call of “Give me liberty or give me death.” But the liberty they have championed is something never before even considered as a part of the bill of rights of any nation on the face of the earth. And the death they have championed is not for themselves, but for others unable to defend themselves.

For the love of God, people, are there not any real republicans in the legislatures willing to honor their own parents by standing up for their right to live? History already knows where to lay the shame of responsibility if there are not. Republicans will be remembered as rats spreading disease across the filthy streets of American cities, and bullies more relentless than any we have ever seen before.

Kimball Shinkoskey