The Terrible Toy Fair V opens at Dollhaus II in Bayonne

The twisted toy show is on display until March 27

The Terrible Toy Fair V is underway at Dollhaus II art gallery in Bayonne. The gallery is located at 23 Cottage Street, open Friday through Sunday from 2 to 9 p.m.

Gallery owner and curator Emma Louise, also known as The Paint Splatterer.

The show opened on Friday, Feb. 11 with Iggy Berlin in attendance as a “terrible toy.”

Iggy Berlin in “terrible toy” attire. Photo courtesy of Emma Louise.
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There were two live DJs, including Pussy Lee and General Randy. Cupcakes by Bee Heim were served alongside complimentary drinks.

The signature Terrible Toy Fair tune played sporadically throughout the night.

The show features some original Dollhaus artists from the previous fairs and presents some terrific new ones. The show includes work submitted by Brian Soigne Wilson, Eric Indin, Eggman, The Paint Splattered, Maidenfed, Marina M, Martina S. Russo, Tonya Knudsen, Johnnu Flysure, Post Modern Sleaze, Musculoids, Joe Was, Kember Pfahler, Paul Andress, Simone Lubrani, Monarx, Cristine Lugo, Bee Heim, Dougeff, and Elliot De Cesare.

Many of the artists, including Brian Soigne Wilson, were at the art exhibit to display their work.

Submissions also featured work from Dragula contestant Monikkie Shame and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Charity Kase.

Art submitted by Monikkie Shame (center) surrounded by that of Slaughter DK.

North Hudson artist Slaughter DK, also known as Kevin Diaz, had several works featured in the show.

Slaughter DK poses with a sculpture of his on display as part of the exhibit.

The Terrible Toy Fair started in the original Dollhaus at 37 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Outgrowing the gallery space and becoming a popular group art exhibition it then moved to the legendary CBGB’s art gallery right next door to the famous music venue.

The art openings at Dollhaus II usually have fresh baked cupcakes with tasty combinations such as these vanilla cake, with blood orange filing and turmeric buttercream icing by Bee Heim.

The Terrible Toy Fair had over 200 artists at the its last space. After a long break and while Dollhaus figured out their next gallery, the Terrible Toy Fair came back in 2020, unfortunately when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the gallery closed for over 6 months.

“Terrible toys” were strewn across every inch of the gallery.

The Terrible Toy Fair IV was only attended by a small number of people. Dollhaus II hopes to show their fares to the world in the iconic recurring group show with The Terrible Toy Fair V.

The show runs throughout March.

According to gallery owner Emma Louise, the Dollhaus II faced threats of closing from the city unless it got the proper zoning-related permits to operate an art gallery on the premises as well as took down two signature pink mannequins hung outside the storefront. But she said the hearing with the Zoning Board keeps getting pushed back, and in the meantime, shows have continued at Dollhaus II so she can keep the gallery’s doors open, and the mannequins have been put back up.

Dollhaus II art gallery is in Bergen Point, Bayonne on Cottage Street.

The exhibit runs until March 27. For more information, go to

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