North Bergen supports Ukraine with proclamation

The township condemned the Russian invasion of the country

North Bergen has put forth a proclamation condemning the Russian Federation for its invasion of Ukraine at the direction of Vladimir Putin, and supporting the country as it battles for its independence.

The Board of Commissioners passed the proclamation at its March 9 meeting. Mayor Nicholas Sacco read it aloud, offering further support for Ukraine.

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Earlier in the week, the Housing Authority donated household supplies to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. And last week North Bergen announced it was partnering with Secaucus and NB C.A.R.E.S. to donate supplies to Ukrainians.

“Ukraine proclaimed independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on August 24, 1991, adopted its constitution in 1996, and has been a fully independent country and home to 44 million citizens led by a president elected by overwhelming popular vote,” Sacco said, reading the proclamation. “The leadership of Russia has undertaken an illegal and full-scale invasion of Ukraine in an attempt to take over the sovereign nation in clear violations of international norms and laws, engaged in a direct and intentional violation of human rights, and should be held responsible for the loss of human life and loss of property resulting from this unprovoked act of war.”

As the invasion continues to inflict widespread destruction and loss of life, the proclamation not only condemns the Russian Federation, but also commends Ukrainians for fighting for their freedom.

“The Ukrainian people have shown that they will not bow to tyrants like Vladimir Putin and have instead chosen to fight to defend their freedom and independence,” Sacco said. “The Township of North Bergen supports the aggressive sanctions by the Biden Administration and United States allies to punish Russia and President Putin, to hold them accountable for the ongoing assault on Ukraine, and to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people in defending their lives, livelihoods, and their democracy. We honors those who fight for freedom, support those who have been forced from their homes and stand with President Zelensky in supporting a free and independent Ukraine.”

Sacco and the Board of Commissioners proclaimed “solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom, commend them for their strength, courage, and bravery, and urge all citizens to express their support for those facing this unjustified attack on democracy and freedom today and every day through this conflict.”

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