Happy Pi Day!


Dear Editor:

March 14 is a special day. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. The world also lost Stephen Hawking on March 14, 2018.

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Math enthusiasts, like myself, know that March 14 is also Pi Day. The numerical designation 3.14 represents the month and day, as well as the mathematical constant, pi. This day celebrates the wonders and joys of mathematics. We also get a chance to enjoy other types of “pies” on this day; for example, cherry pie, apple pie, pizza, and many others.

Roger Bacon said: “Mathematics is the door and the key to the sciences.” Mathematics is more than just numbers, equations, variables, computations, and algorithms. Mathematics is the study of understanding the intricate relationships that exist in our universe. Essentially, mathematics is the life-line to future progress and development.

On this Pi Day, while we enjoy our favorite “pies,” we should work to promote the study of mathematics through viable educational activities at our homes and in the classroom.

Pi Day celebrates a very special number, commemorates the birth of a famed physicist, and observes the passing of a world-renowned cosmologist. Pi Day reinforces the idea that mathematics is the indispensable basis for intellectual knowledge and growth.

John Di Genio