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A new Republican movement

Dear Editor:

Not content with its 2020 anti-democracy movement, Senate Republicans today have proudly crafted a new anti-children movement.

They want to suffocate the current federal virus aid proposal, which would provide tests, treatments, and vaccines giving children a pathway to growth, health, and security in an Armageddon-like world.

Polio vaccines for kids saved World War II era kids from debility and death. But now, as World War III looms, Republicans want to hold everyone else’s mostly poor kids hostage to their own peculiar notions of good health and good science.

The Republican “health” program seeks to immunize the ultra-luxury class from any interference with their immoral financial activities, and the Republican science program seeks to promote the science of despotism.

One example of the Republican pro-despotism philosophy is their insistence that the Biden administration “repurpose” money for the virus that is already out there in the spending pipeline.

This is essentially asking for unconstitutional “impoundment’ of funds like President Nixon did in the 1970s and President Trump did to find money for his wall. It is an impeachable legal offense, but really a cool tool for dictators who want to overturn the Congressional power of the purse.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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