Weehawken offers support for Ukraine

The township has raised the Ukrainian flag and welcomed refugees

The Ukrainian flag was raised below the American flag at the flag pole at Old Glory Park in Weehawken.

Weehawken is showing its support for Ukraine, while the country suffers from the invasion by Russian Federation forces at the direction of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Recently, the township raised the Ukrainian flag below the American flag on the flag pole at Old Glory Park on Boulevard East, according to Mayor Richard Turner. The move aims to show solidarity with Ukraine and the millions of Ukrainians forced to flee their homes as Russian forces bomb major cities and occupy other parts of the country on their push to capture the Ukrainian capitol of Kyiv.

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“We’ve added the Ukrainian flag in honor of the brave people of Ukraine,” Turner said at the March 23 meeting.

Additionally, some Ukrainian refugees have been put up in Weehawken, Turner said. New Jersey is home to the fourth-largest Ukrainian population, with many living in Hudson County. Now, the first of those fleeing the war-torn country have arrived locally.

“We have our first Ukrainian family of refugees that has arrived in town,” Turner said. “Everyone’s helping.”

Weehawken welcomes Ukrainian refugees

According to Turner, the community as well as the township government, among others, have pitched in to help the family. As such, the outpouring of support means the family is largely set and not in need of much else, other than the war to end.

“We do not need a lot of stuff,” Turner said. “We’re under control. We have tons of everything.”

Turner said that the family has a son in Weehawken. Until they can return to Ukraine, the township will be their new home, specifically a Weehawken Housing Authority building.

“We put them up at one of our housing buildings,” Turner said. “They’re living with their family. Their son lives in Weehawken.”

Turner thanked the community groups such as the Women’s Club as well as individuals for their support of the family. According to Turner, now they wait.

“They’re all set,” Turner said. “All they’re waiting to see is if they can get home or if the men of the family that couldn’t leave the country will eventually come here… Everything they have is gone. But it’s been a great community outreach. We thank everyone, and we welcome them.”

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