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West New York ready to launch compost program 

The West New York Board of Commissioners met via Zoom on March 23.

West New York is getting ready to launch its compost program in April. Community members came out to speak in support of the town’s efforts at its March 23 meeting. 

Hailey Benson, a North Bergen resident and member of NB Earth Talks, previously asked the town to implement a community garden and compost bins at its January board meeting, when plans for park upgrades were unveiled. While there was a plan for a community garden already at Miller Park, there was nothing planned relating to compost.

However, Benson was redirected to talk with Environmental Coordinator Rosemarie Suarez. Since then, the town has worked to develop a compost program it plans to launch in the coming weeks.

“I came to a previous board meeting,” Benson said. “Since then, I’ve had some amazing conversations with Rosemarie on the compost program and the community garden. I’m super excited to get this started in West New York. We’ve had such wonderful experiences with Community Compost Co. in North Bergen.” 

In addition to West New York, as well as the aforementioned North Bergen, Union City is also starting a program, according to Benson, who suggested it be a joint venture.

“It would be really great if we could partner with them for this compost program,” Benson said, thanking the board and the town for their efforts to bring the compost program into fruition, as well as the community garden. 

Commissioners on board

Commissioner Yoleisy Yanez thanked Benson for being involved. Yanez confirmed that the program will be ready to go in April.

“We are ready to start in April, in the first week,” Yanez said.

Benson thanked Yanez in turn, looking forward to the launch of the compost program. Commissioner Margarita Guzman also thanked Benson for being active in the community. 

“Thank you for your involvement,” Guzman said. “This is something very positive to have the youth be involved in something like that. We are so happy to see you.” 

Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said the town was elated at program.

“As you can see, everyone else is excited,” Rodriguez said. “Commissioner Yanez had been discussing the possibility of a compost program, so I know she’s very excited as well. I’m sure she will be joining the conversation with you and Rosemarie soon after because I know she was very excited about some other projects having to do with the compost program.”

Community looks forward to April

West New York resident Brielle Jeffries applauded the move as well: “That’s super exciting. I used to have to take my compost to Hoboken. Now I take it to North Bergen. Hopefully soon I’ll just be able to take a quick walk to the compost site.”

Guzman thanked Jeffries for being involved the West New York community as well: “This is a good matter to come here about. I like the youth to come and bring their solution. Everything that matters to you, matters to our society and our community. Thank you for your involvement.”

Tracy Goycochea of Jersey City is also working with Benson and Suarez on the program.

“I am working with the students of Memorial High School and we’re creating educational material to give out to the kids hopefully, and the adults,” Goycochea said. “Instead of just putting everything on the adults. Thank you for making this happen and we can’t wait to help you guys move this forward.”

Rordiguez thanked Goycochea and concluded: ”Thank you for all that you are doing for our community, especially for the kids.”

Composting and community gardens will likely again be a topic of discussion at the next board meeting in April. The West New York Board of Commissioners will meet next on April 6 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. For more information, go to westnewyorknj.org.

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