Which is it? And Why?

Dear Editor:

Listening to the mayor’s commercials and one man debate had me literally yelling at the television in the computer. I’m very confused.

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So, which is it? It seems like it’s double talk. Taking credit for $80 million in tax revenue to stabilize our taxes, yet blaming one of his candidates for approving I believe it was 15 projects. I know the Candidate did not do it alone. The deals go through the technical review committee after initial meetings in the corner office. I don’t think that the people of Bayonne understand the process, that is why public questioning prior to approvals of any project should take place.

It seems like again there was some sort of double talk when he said there was a pause on development and then during the one-man debate, or let’s call it a conversation, he noted there’s a pause on all development that has not yet been approved. So, my question is which is it? The citizens of Bayonne deserve the truth. You cannot take credit for $80 million that was brought in by the supposed 15 approvals and then accuse one person whoever it is of building buildings when it takes a village. The initial meeting with the mayor behind closed doors, the technical review committee, the zoning division, the engineer, the city planner, the planning board commissioners – then a vote. The City Council is the legislative branch, not the administrative branch. Separation of powers.

Unless I’m missing something in my old age the people of Bayonne needs to know the truth. Double talking, accusations, and lies need to stop false information and a total pause on all development including those that have already been approved! Repeal all development including those that have already been approved if the mayor wants to get public input and impact studies on how they will impact The quality of life in the city Like the commercial says.

Bottom line folks, the mayor is the boss, whoever sits in that chair people in positions of decision making do what they’re told and what the boss wants. So, again I repeat which is it? Are you putting blame or taking the credit for the $80 million to stabilize taxes. It was the entire administration including the council and all the other divisions that worked on the projects. They assisted in bringing the $80 million to stabilize taxes. But now it’s time to stop. And finally, I do not understand why the current mayor did not want to speak and debate in front of an audience and answer questions. Eye 2 Eye face-to-face. The mayor works for the residents of the city and instead of showing up like the other two candidates did he was socializing in Jersey city. That is, according to the newspapers. Very sad. So which is it? And why?

Gail Godesky

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