Ashe-Nadrowski releases tax plan as Bayonne municipal election looms

City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski has been laying out her vision for Bayonne each week

City Council President and mayoral candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski has released her plan to address “Taxes” as part of her May 1 iteration of her “Solution Sunday” series.

Every Sunday from now, until Election Day on May 10, the Nadrowski Campaign has been releasing solutions to the problems facing Bayonne. Previous installments of the campaign’s “Solution Sunday” series include: “Open and Transparent Government,” “Redevelopment,” “Quality of Life,” “Affordability,” “Schools,” and “Crime.”

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“Last week’s topic – crime – struck a chord with many residents,” Ashe-Nadrowski said. “The feedback I received is one of agreement: There can be no real quality of life without an overall feeling of safety, security, and comfort within the community.”

Ashe-Nadrowski has now put out her plan for taxes, something she said “sits at the top of most people’s list of concerns.” She is not promising to lower taxes, but seeking to get taxpayers more bang for their buck.

“I’m not going to lie or insult your intelligence – like others may – with promises about lowering taxes,” she said. “The best way we can keep taxes stable, and as low as possible, is by following through on many of the plans and promises we’ve already set in place.”

Ashe-Nadrowski wants more out of investors

Ashe-Nadrowski looks to redevelopers and investors in the city to give more back to taxpayers in the community, thereby saving residents tax money from being spent on those things in the process.

“Every dollar paid to the City, or on the City’s behalf, by a developer or investor is a dollar that stays in your pocket,” she said. “Where the City has failed to adequately ask for more, or conveniently chosen to be reserved, a Nadrowski Administration would never be afraid to ask for what Bayonne needs: whether that’s money, resources, or infrastructure.”

These give-backs from redevelopers can be ensured in payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreements or contracts, Ashe-Nadrowski said.

“From mandating higher-percentage PILOT payments to schools, or advocating for contract re-negotiations, I’m a proven fighter for the Bayonne taxpayer,” she said. “Again, the reality is that the dollars spent by profit-seeking outside investors are dollars that get to stay in your pocket.”

Enforcing local contracts or finding a new contractor

Ashe-Nadrowski also said she plans to get taxpayers the most out of their money by ensuring contracts are enforced. She specifically referenced complaints with the city’s current garbage and recycling collection contract.

“When the City outsources functions the intent is to make services more efficient; both functionally and economically,” she said. “That is to say that these services should be delivered efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Unfortunately, as we all know and experience, that’s just not happening. Even more unfortunate is the fact that when the City has to do double time to make up for a failing vendor, the taxpayer ends up footing the bill, and paying the premium for labor and resources. As an example, look no further than local garbage and recycling collection. When the contractor leaves the streets littered with trash, the Department of Public Works gets the call to cleanup. That means on a single garbage day, the taxpayer pays double the price. It’s crazy, unsustainable, and has to stop.

According to Ashe-Nadrowski, if elected mayor, she would hold the existing contractors responsible or find replacements.

“Under a Nadrowski Administration contractors will be held to the City’s specifications, or will be released from their responsibilities,” she said. “Dirty and broken streets are not things that the hardworking taxpayers of Bayonne deserve. All local taxpayers pay good money, and they should expect to get good services in return.”

Making government more efficient through modernization

Part of getting taxpayers the most out of their taxes means making the local government more efficient, according to Ashe-Nadrowski.

“As I’ve stated before, the tools and resources at City Hall need to take a few big steps into the 21st century,” she said. “It’s 2022, and City Hall has about as many paper-based systems as there were in 1992. This makes for a local government that is more expensive and often more frustrating – Frustrating both for residents and City workers.”

Ashe-Nadrowski’s plans to make City Hall more efficient include modernization of a number of things.

“Under a Nadrowski Administration we’ll take manageable steps toward modernizing and automating city government: things like online permitting, digital forms, and online payments will be implemented and expanded to meet the needs and demands of the public,” she said.

According to Ashe-Nadrowski, her full platform is available online at She and her council slate will face off against incumbent Mayor James Davis and his slate, and mayoral candidate Dr. Mitchell Brown on May 10, with early voting at City Hall on May 6, 7, and 8.

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