Question for Bayonne Voters

Dear Editor:

So the question should be asked, is this who you want running your city for the next four years? Someone who has the following under his watch:

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• Multiple lawsuits by city employees over sexual harassment by the mayor.
• Bayonne Hospital fiasco which is still pending. The mayor favors eminent domain. Is your property next?
• Unlimited “Pilots” (gifts) to developers at below “Fair Market” Value.
• “Questionable” deals with developers at Marist HS, and MOTBY.
• The Windmill that never spins. Costing the city tens of thousands monthly in energy costs.
• Flip/Flop on Suez campaign contributions. What else isn’t he admitting?
• Upcoming mandatory sewer upgrade project, estimated to cost between $200-$300 million. The City will have to bond for this and the taxpayers will pay dearly.
• Over-development of any open piece of property in the city. This will increase taxes greatly in the next few years due to addt’l schools being needed, infrastructure, city personnel etc…
• Taking credit for Covid vaccinations, when they were paid for by the Federal Gov’t.

It may be time for a change. Can you honestly say that things in our city have improved over the last eight years?

David Falandys

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