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Stack and Turner win unopposed

In Union City and Weehawken municipal elections, the incumbent mayors and their slates won handily

Mayor Brian Stack ran unopposed, but campaigned like any other election.

Two long-time Hudson County mayors won re-election unopposed in nonpartisan municipal elections in their towns on May 10. Voters returned Mayor Brian Stack of Union City and his ticket of incumbent Board of Commissioners, and Mayor Richard Turner of Weehawken and his slate of incumbent Township Council members, to office.

Union City

Stack and his slate sailed to victory, according to unofficial election results from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office as of 10:30 p.m. This will be his sixth term as mayor. He also serves as state Senator for the 33rd Legislative District.

There were 44,017 votes cast. Stack got the most votes, with 9,607 or 21.83 percent of the vote, followed by Commissioner Wendy Grullon with 8,610 votes or 19.56 percent, Celin Valdivia with 8,583 votes or 19.50 percent, Maryury Martinetti with 8,568 votes or 19.47 percent, and Lucio Fernandez with 8,521 votes or 19.36 percent. 

There were 128 write-in votes, or .29 percent of the vote. For early voting, there were 2,003 votes, according to unofficial election results from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office. Despite being unopposed, the early voting massively overshadowed the 725 votes cast in the Bayonne municipal election, no doubt thanks to Stack’s famous get-out-the-vote skills.

Of those, 1,912 went to Stack, 1,778 went to Grullon, 1,774 went to Martinetti, 1,771 went to Fernandez, and 1,763 went to Valdivia. There were 74 write-in votes.

Mayor Richard Turner remains the longest-serving mayor in the county. Photo by Mark Koosau.


Turner and his council slate also cruised to re-election, according to the unofficial election results form the Hudson County Clerk’s Office. This will be his ninth term. Turner is already the longest serving mayor in Hudson County.

Turner got 1,097 votes or 51.43 percent of the vote, with Sosa getting 1,024 votes or 48.01 percent. There were 12 write-in votes or .56 percent, with a total of 2,133 votes cast in the at-large races.

In the First Ward, Councilwoman Carmela Silvestri-Ehret got 392 votes or 99.49 percent of the vote. There were two write-in votes, or .51 percent, with a total of 394 votes cast in the First Ward race.

In the Second Ward, Councilwoman Rosemary Lavagnino got 250 votes or 98.43 percent of the vote. There were four write-in votes, 1.57 percent of the vote, with 254 votes cast in the Second Ward race.

In the Third Ward, Councilman David Curtis got 211 votes. No other votes were cast for other candidates, meaning he got 100 percent of the vote in the Third Ward race.

For early voting, there were only 64 votes, according to unofficial election results from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

Of those votes, 59 went to Turner, 57 went to Sosa, Lavagnino got 20, Silvestri-Ehret got 17, and Curtis got 15. There were two write-in votes for the At-Large council seats, and one write-in vote for the Second Ward.


Meanwhile, the in the only other nonpartisan municipal election in Hudson County, things aren’t quite settled yet.

The Bayonne election appears to be a clean sweep for incumbent Mayor James Davis and his council ticket. However, his chief opponent City Council President and mayoral candidate Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski is not conceding yet, hoping provisional and vote-by-mail ballots will break at a high enough rate in her favor to cause a runoff.

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