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Kim Jong-Un Shows His True Colors

Kim Jong-un and his "highly influential" sister, Kim Yo-jong

Dear Editor:

Kim Jong-un continues to prove that he is not interested in having North Korea become a contributing member of the international community of nations.

For the past five years, Seoul has pursued a “sunshine policy” of engagement and cooperation with North Korea, brokering summits between Kim Jong-un and then US president Donald Trump while reducing joint U.S. military drills that Pyongyang views as provocative.

Unfortunately, diplomacy collapsed in 2019 and have languished since, while the nuclear-armed North has dramatically ramped up weapons tests, conducting 14 so far this year, including the launch of its largest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile.

At this point in time, Ukraine remains engaged in a struggle for freedom against a maniacal tyrant in Moscow. COVID remains a significant health concern throughout the world, to include North Korea, which recently reported an outbreak of the virus.

In the midst of these global crises, Kim Jong-un callously decides to rattle the saber by conducting weapons tests and firing ballistic missiles into the sea. His bellicose behavior during these troubling times clearly demonstrates megalomania. Without doubt, Kim Jong-un is a pathological egotist who is convinced of his own “divine” superiority and absolute power.

Instead of working harmoniously with the international community to secure peace, especially on the Korean peninsula, and to alleviate the impact that COVID has had throughout the world, Kim Jong-un decides to flex his muscles, to display his military might.

The pretentious impunity in which Kim Jong-un has shown the world during these troubling times merits separation and sanctions. Kim Jong-un should be treated as an outcast, a persona non grata on the world stage, and an international pariah.

Newly elected South Korean President, Yoon Suk-yeol, is absolutely correct; he hit the proverbial nail on the head. North Korea is not a negotiating partner. Instead, North Korea is a belligerent, rogue adversary, not just to The Republic of Korea; but, also, to the world.

Kim Jong-un is not part of the solution. He is a major part of the problem.

John Di Genio

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