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‘Breaking Bad’ stars come to Bayonne to promote ‘Dos Hombres’ mezcal

Actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul founded the company in the wake of the show's success in 2019

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul came to Bayonne to promote their mezcal, "Dos Hombres."

“Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made at pitstop at BBB Liquor at 19 Flagship Street in Bayonne recently to promote their mezcal. Instead of cooking blue meth in an RV or underground lab, the iconic actors have gotten into the alcohol business and have been promoting it across New Jersey.

Cranston and Paul, who were unforgettable in their respective roles as “Walter White” and “Jesse Pinkman” during the show’s run from 2008 to 2013. Following that success, they started their company in 2019 and they are now touring the country to promote the mezcal, known as “Dos Hombres,” which is an homage to the name of a fast-food chain that plays a prominent role in the show known as “Los Pollos Hermanos.”

The event was widely circulated online and on social media, leading to many from across the region to line up in Bayonne for their chance to get a bottle of “Dos Hombres” signed by both Cranston and Paul. In addition to residents, people from nearby Bergen County and as far away as Baltimore made the trek.

Supplies of “Dos Hombres” were limited and thus only two bottles could be purchased per person. And the mezcal bottles were the only thing being signed.

Only “Dos Hombres” bottles were signed by the “Breaking Bad” duo.

While people waited in line for the only one-hour event, fans of “Breaking Bad” bonded over their admiration for the show. Only a little over a hundred or so people were able to take advantage of the pop-up signing opportunity.

Things moved quickly, but Cranston and Paul were warm and inviting. They signed the “Dos Hombres” bottles, chatted with those who came out, and took a quick picture.

Fans were happy to have such an opportunity in Bayonne. And after the event at around 5 p.m., Cranston and Paul stayed in Hudson County and were spotted at the Hudson Hall at 364 Marin Boulevard in Jersey City.

While “Breaking Bad” may have ended, Paul reprised his role as “Jesse Pinkman” in the past as part of Netflix’s “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” in 2019, which follows the story of his character after the events in “Breaking Bad.”

Desiree Kraszyk was one of the lucky fans who got a bottle of “Dos Hombres” signed by both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

And both are set to reprise their legendary roles in the final season of spin-off “Better Call Saul.”  The show follows Bob Odenkirk as “Saul Goodman,” the crooked lawyer who represents “Walter White” and “Jesse Pinkman” in the original series, in the time before and during “Breaking Bad.” The show airs every Monday at 9 p.m. on AMC with the most recent episode premiering on May 16.

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