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Politician’s Flyers Litter Post-Earth Day Clean-Up

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed being a part of Bayonne’s Earth Day Clean-Up on May 20th. Me and my little one picked up litter in our neighborhood and I got to educate her about how littering is a problem, and a responsibility of us all. A few days later we were walking in the area we had just cleaned, only to see flyers of 2022 Bayonne political candidates flying off of parked car windshield wipers, blown from home walk rails, porches and such-during a season which is always windy.

How do you think we felt as we re-picked up this new garbage, ironically from political candidates who touted in their campaign they were concerned about the garbage problem in Bayonne?

What would the other volunteers of Bayonne’s 2022 Earth Day Cleanup now think about the effort they just put in two weeks ago? (Last year there were 800 volunteers!) Next year should we postpone Bayonne’s Earth Day, until after the elections, so we can find out where the flyers will be and tackle those neighborhoods for litter? Or, are candidates willing to state in future elections they will only use paper advertisements that fit into a home mailbox and can easily be recycled?

Better yet, how about going Green and just continue to use social media and cellular components to get the word out? I’d definitely vote for someone as broad-minded and advanced as someone as this.

Justine Pawlukewicz

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