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Section 8 Voucher & Rental Management Company’s for Senior Citizens !

Dear Editor:

Sir/Madam, I consider myself competent, professional and active person within my community. I am writing this letter in hopes that it picks up some steam as I am appalled by some of the large luxury building company’s in my area.

Now for some context – my parents building was recently sold for over $1.5M – and after 30 years of living in town of Guttenberg they must now move. While their move isn’t the problem it’s the lack apartments available within our area for senior citizens. Not to mention the lack of landlords responses or hang ups I have received when mentioning Section 8 vouchers.

I have called and emailed numerous property management company’s within Edgewater, Weehawken, West New York – while some do say they accept the Section 8 voucher (no “special or reduced apartments exist”) – which is fine. But, some are asking for individuals to make 3-4 times more then what the rent there would be! Like! this is a joke! How many tax breaks did they receive to building all along the waterway!? (not rhetorical). What percentage of their apartment buildings did they promise the town would go to low income families??

If these promises were not made by these companies, then we have idiot politicians who are allowing these constructions to continue to occur without providing any sort of help to their constituent! Yet we continue to vote for them! It’s insulting! If these management companies who have 3-4 buildings throughout these area’s are asking disabled, senior persons with section 8 vouchers to make 3-4 times what they apartment is on a monthly basis, what hope do other working families have at this rate in our area with so many luxury building taking over!

Dora Talavera

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