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Thank you!

Dear Editor:

On behalf of myself, our great Mayor Jimmy Davis and the most wonderful councilpersons who ran on the Davis Team, all of the voters of our fair city of Bayonne are thanked from the bottom of our hearts for your display of support on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 in our Municipal Election.

There is an adage, it is not just about being right but it is about actually doing right. We who have served for the past number of years and those councilpersons elected this month have one goal and mission in their hearts, souls and minds and that is the health, welfare and safety of all of the people of Bayonne.

During our terms in office and especially during this past campaign Team Davis has always taken the high road in the political process and chose to be positive, not negative, upbeat, not on a downward spiral and we ran a positive campaign without the desire or necessity of mudslinging against the opponents. We prevailed in this election on the complete merits of what was accomplished in the past and what our aspirations are for the future.

Although we certainly respect the press and the media it was disheartening that there was not a recognition of the hard and sincere work of the Davis Team in the past years. There should have been a more careful evaluation of the sincere actions by, for and of all of the people of Bayonne. Also there is and always has been the air of transparency in the administration with the sharing of information to the media.

We thank all of the dedicated people who assisted us during the days of the campaign and the magnificent and outward pouring of support on Election Day.

May God Bless the City of Bayonne and our United States of America.

Respectfully submitted,

Juan M. Perez
Councilmember At Large
City of Bayonne New Jersey 07002


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