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Support the Puppy Protection Act

Dear Editor:

The Humane Society of the United States recently released its 10th annual Horrible Hundred report (http://humanesociety.org/horrible-hundred), on problem puppy mills, which reveals that many USDA-licensed breeders continue to operate year after year despite serious animal care violations on their records. Some of the breeders in this report were even found to be cruelly killing dogs that they no longer wanted, or performing painful medical procedures on dogs without taking them to a veterinarian – and yet the USDA only gave them a tap on the wrist, and the puppy mills remain licensed. This means they can sell as many dogs as they want to pet stores, brokers and online. People who buy puppies from pet stores or online and assume that “USDA licensed” means the dogs were bred in quality conditions are being seriously misled. It’s time for the federal government to step up and better regulate how these facilities treat dogs.

The Puppy Protection Act would require better housing, veterinary care, and temperature control for dogs in USDA-licensed facilities. It will also require breeders to attempt to find placements for retired breeding dogs they no longer want instead of cruelly killing them. For information on how to support the Puppy Protection Act and encourage the USDA to improve dog care rules, visit humanesociety.org/puppyprotection.

Bill Massi

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