Bayonne amends zoning application turnaround time

The Zoning Officer now has more time to complete an application

Bayonne has extended the response time the local Zoning Officer has to respond to submitted applications. The Bayonne City Council voted unanimously to adopt two ordinances doing so at its May meeting.

The first ordinance changes the period in which the Zoning Officer will make a decision on a matter from seven days to ten business days of a complete application. According to the ordinance, this is specifically in regards to “area, yard, height and density requirements.”

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In response to resident questions at the meeting, City Clerk Madelene Medina confirmed that this was changing the turnaround time for zoning applications. Medina said the ordinance was “giving the Zoning Officer ten business days to complete the application as opposed to seven days.”

City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski further explained the crux of the ordinance.

“We are extending the turnaround time,” Ashe-Nadrowski said. “There’s a deadline in which these things are submitted that they are required to answer the applicant within a certain amount of time. They’re requesting more time before the deadline.”

The current Zoning Officer in Bayonne is Tracey Tuohy. When it comes to zoning permits, the response time by the Zoning Officer has been changed from 10 days to 10 business days under the second ordinance.

On that measure, Ashe-Nadrowski added: “This is also moving it from ten days after the submission to ten business days.

Read the first ordinance online at:

Read the second ordinance online at:

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