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Hudson County Residents: End This Injustice

North Bergen Preschool - 2021

Dear Editor:


Do not allow North Bergen to commercially develop HUGE lands on Bergenline Ave. and River Rd., bringing in more and more people, while children continue attending preschool in decrepit 21 year old “temporary” trailers that are illegally located in Braddock Park.

North Bergen’s continued use of 21 year old trailers is an injustice to the 88% Hispanic school district population that is not wealthy and doesn’t have a PTA to represent them and also to the ENTIRE HUDSON COUNTY community, which has lost about 2 acres of much needed Braddock Park land for all these years.

North Bergen should either place all the preschoolers into elementary schools, which is what the $65 million bond NB voters approved in 2018 was supposed to do, or North Bergen should build a preschool on one of these other properties, instead of commercially developing them.


There is land on Bergenline Ave., between 85-87 St., across the street from Braddock Park, just feet away from the main library, that North Bergen wants to develop.

There is land on River Rd., next to Palisades Medical Center (where there currently is a private preschool), that North Bergen wants to develop.

There are 36.5 acres planned for development on River Rd. at the foot of Bull’s Ferry Rd.

Robert Walden

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