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Gun Control and the Catholic church


Dear Editor:

In July, I will turn 80. My entire life has been spent as an active parishioner in the Catholic Church. Recently, I completed over thirty years as a Religious Education Teacher for some wonderful kids.

Yet, when young children are continuously killed in school, my Church and other denominations did not speak out against Donald Trump and his Republican followers who oppose gun control. The Catholic Church was silent when children were taken away from their parents at our borders and when voting rights were suppressed. By their silence, the Catholic Church and others are pandering to the advancement of the Trump agenda and are complicit in the horrors of the school shootings.

I cannot support a Church or any institution that fails their moral responsibility in this manner. The blood of these precious children cannot be washed from their hands by candles, flowers, and sanctimonious prayers. When the Church speaks out loudly for strong gun control all over the United States then in good conscience, I will return my support.

Paul Donnelly


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