Bayonne High School honors “Circle of Ten”

In keeping with a well-established tradition, Principal Richard J. Baccarella proudly announced the Bayonne High School Class of 2022 Circle of Ten. Listed here in order of ranking are 2022’s graduating students with the top ten grade point averages.

1. Cathryn Kuczynski

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I am this year’s valedictorian. I will be attending the University of California-Los Angeles while double majoring in Business and Psychology. I was also accepted to New York University, University of St. Andrew’s, and University of California-Berkeley. While at UCLA I hope to further my involvement in psychological research while also exploring my interests in media. During my time at BHS, I have excelled in all rigorous AP courses, earning the award of AP Scholar with Honors. I pursued my passions for scientific research as a New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences Scholar, earned state awards for my National History Day documentaries, and was named a state ambassador for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation. I also founded my own Non-Profit organization dedicated towards giving back to my community. Outside of the classroom, I found my second family on the volleyball court. I have played on the Girls Varsity Volleyball for the entirety of my time at BHS, serving as the Team Captain both my junior and senior year. I further pursued my athletic career as a member of Central Jersey Volleyball Academy’s 18s National Team where I was able to compete with renowned club teams from all across the country. In honor of my athletic abilities, I was awarded the NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Award. I would like to thank each and every one of my teachers for all of their continued support, and I attribute my successes to the love and encouragement of my parents and older brother.

2. Sohom Pal

I am the salutatorian of the Bayonne High School Class of 2022. I will be attending the Honors Academy at Rutgers University School of Engineering, majoring in computer and electrical engineering. I was also accepted into New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Connecticut and Stevens Institute of Technology. Throughout high school, I took a challenging course load including numerous AP and Honors classes in subjects ranging from Calculus, Computer Science and Physics to History and English. I have taken seven AP courses throughout high school, and received the AP Scholar award. I consistently earned First Honor Roll and earned Principal’s Honor Roll numerous times throughout my high school career. I was a member of the Bayonne High School National Honor Society, and National World Language Honor Society. I was the co-captain of the robotics team 16557 which participated in the state tournament this year. It was an incredible achievement after 4 years of being part of robotics. I participated in Physics Olympics, TEAMS, and the Hudson County Science Fair. I attended Proyecto Science during the summer for three years. I was awarded the William Gawor Perpetual Scholarship. I am very blessed and grateful for my loving and supporting family. I am also incredibly grateful for my awesome teachers for their immense support, and my friends who helped to make these four years amazing and always brought out the best in me.

3. Timothy Sim

I will be attending Princeton University on a full ride as a QuestBridge Match Scholar Recipient. I will be attending as a Molecular Biology or Chemistry major in the upcoming fall. I have tried many extracurricular activities and clubs in my Freshman year, but I ultimately stuck with Robotics and Latin Club for my four years of high school. In Robotics, I was the Head of Documentation and Outreach for his team 16557 – Honey Kilo-Ohms. In Bayonne High School Latin Club, I climbed up the Cursus Honorum, becoming the club Consul (President equivalent) for my Junior and Senior year. I was also involved in the New Jersey Junior Classical League State Board as a Convention Coordinator from Sophomore to Senior year. I have been inducted into the National Honors Society, National English Honors Society, and National Junior Classical League Latin Honors Society. I have also received AP Scholars from College Board and the Latin Scholar Award from Senior Awards Night. In the summer before my Senior year, I attended the New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences program, where I was challenged and grew intellectually. After this program, along with past experiences with cancer in my family, I strive to attend medical school after Princeton and work towards becoming an oncologist. I credit my success to God. I would like to express my gratitude towards my family, friends, and teachers for their support and encouragement.

4. Michelle Zimny

In the fall of 2022 I will be attending Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, majoring in Nursing. My ultimate goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner and obtain a Masters and possibly a Doctorate degree in Nursing. Throughout high school, I gravitated towards math and science based courses, while I still took advanced placement and honors courses in all core subjects, including the Italian language. My affinity for math has allowed me to progress through the many levels and make it to AP Calculus BC my senior year. Throughout my high school years I’ve been awarded both First Honors and Principals Honors many times. I was also recognized for my academic achievements through inductions to the Rho Kappa Honor Society, National English Honor Society, National Honor Society, and World Language Honor Society (Italian). While at Bayonne High School, I participated in the Organization for Student Stem Advancement where I completed a research project and cared for animals in the BioDome, wrote for The Beacon school newspaper where I obtained the title of Section Editor for In and Around BHS, and joined the Girls’ Golf team my senior year. My senior year was also when I was selected to be the president of the Italian Club due to my academic excellence in the language. Being awarded spot number 4 in the Circle of 10 would never have been possible without the support of my family, teachers, and friends. Bayonne High School has given me a plethora of opportunities to flourish that I will forever be thankful for as I continue my educational journey.

5. Amanda Kruchkowski

I am number five in the circle of ten! I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh as a joint major in mathematics and economics with a possible minor in political science or finance in the fall. I aspire to pursue a career working with technological companies or working for our government in Washington D.C. Throughout high school I have taken nine different honors courses and nine different advanced placement level courses including my favorites: Calculus AB, Economics, and American History. My freshman year I received the Principle Honors Awards and each year of high school I have received the First Honors Awards. I have also earned the AP Scholars award, the Pi award, the William Gawor Scholarship and the Garfield Unico Scholarship. I am a part of the National Honor Society, the National English Honor Society, the Rho Kappa History National Honors Society, and the World Language Honor Society. In addition to being a mathematics tutor during the week, I participated within the Bayonne High School Girls Soccer Team, the Bayonne High School Business Club and the Bayonne High School Model United Nations Club. On weekends I worked at the Bayonne Korpi Ice Rink as a skate guard and cashier. I met some of my best friends here and without their friendship and support I do not know where I would be today. I want to thank my parents, grandparents, brother, dog and all of my family who helped me along my high school journey. I am extremely grateful for them and their help, and I am beyond excited to see how I grow and the new opportunities that await me.

6. Elaria Abdy

I believe that one of the most important qualities a person can possess is love, and that the greatest kind of love is “laying down one’s life for one’s friend”. All of this adds up to the self-sacrifice of one’s life for the sake of others, or, as we call it in current parlance, service. Love is shown through the sacrifices a person makes. I believe that serving my God comes first — even before my education — and I feel that this is accomplished by serving others. I have valued community service throughout my time at Bayonne High School, whether it was assisting at my church’s summer camp or participating in Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church’s Annual Festival. I’m the student who asks all the questions outside of service. This is something that any of my teachers can attest to. I also challenge myself to work harder than I believe I am capable of. I’m a member of several of Bayonne High School’s Honors Societies, and I’ve been in Chorale for all four years of high school. I was able to work my way up to Chorale President, and while I have no plans to pursue a career in music, it has taught me a lot about perseverance and determination. With this, I began the college application process, and I am now committed to Kean University, where I will pursue a degree in Biomedicine through their NJCSTM program. Hopefully, this will put me on the track to become an Emergency Medicine Physician.

7. Karolin Rezk

I am ranked number seven in the circle of ten for the 2022 school year. This fall, I will be attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a major in engineering. I was also accepted into universities like the Stevens Institute of Technology, Montclair University, and Rutgers Honors College. Through my challenging coursework, I have discovered my love for math and science. I took AP and honors classes in English, history, calculus, and physics, chemistry but I also took four years of Spanish, which spiked my interest in other cultures and languages. I have been inducted into the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and World Language Honor Society and constantly achieved first honors as well as principal’s honor roll. I loved being a part of the Business Club, Peer leadership, Student ambassadors, and Coptic society here at BHS. Outside of school, I enjoy painting, shopping, and watching tv shows, and would also love to start getting into pottery. I am grateful to my friends and teachers for the memories we made along the way and for all they have taught me. I would also like to thank my parents and family for their constant support and encouragement. Lastly, I would like to credit my achievements to God.

8. Aliza Ahmed

Born in Jersey City, I am ranked 8th in the Circle of Ten. I am secretary of the French club and Student Government Class Representative. I also participated in numerous other activities in her time at BHS, including Peer Leadership, Interact Club, Science Club, and the Biology and Chemistry Leagues. Additionally, I am a member of the National French and English Honor Societies and the SEEDS College Scholars Program. Outside of school, my hobbies include drawing, reading, and playing the violin. I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, and plan to major in Biology with a concentration in Molecular & Cell Biology. I hope to contribute to research and innovation in the field of medicine as a biomedical scientist in the future.

9. Kirollos Agaybe

Throughout my four years at Bayonne High School, I have committed myself to service; service within and outside of the high school’s bounds. Ranked nine in this year’s Circle of Ten, education has been my life– through God at Virgin Mary’s and St. John’s Coptic Orthodox Church and my studies in AP and Honors classes. I am a very active servant in my religious community, volunteering in the Coptic Festival, partaking in altar services, and teaching the hymns of the Coptic Church to underclassmen. In my academic community, I participate in several Honor Societies, am a lead engineer on the BHS Robotics team, and have received First Honors every quarter of my four BHS years. In my athletic community, I am on the Boys Varsity Soccer team and am a captain of the Varsity Swimming Team. These commitments to helping others and being an active leader in my community have inspired me to pursue a career as a General Physician, starting off with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology under the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). I would like to extend my gratitude to my guardians and role models who have supported me in all aspects of my religious and educational life: my wonderful parents, my church servants, specifically Mena Raafat who has coached me in many ways, and my father of Confession Abouna Elijah Ibrahim. I’d also like to thank Mrs. Lavery and Mrs. Kalinowski for their memorable classes and commitment to helping me grow as a student and individual.

10. Polina Kukhar and Reese Trowbridge

In February of 2019, I transferred to Bayonne High School, furthering my athletic and educational pursuits as a Bee. Needless to say, this decision was a fruitful one; my time at BHS has been essential to my growth as an individual. Academically, I am pursuing an Honors and Advanced Placement course load. These classes introduced me to incredible role models and educators: Ms. Cortes, Ms. Kalinowski, and Mr. Lombari. My academic recognition consists of membership in the NHS, WLHS, EHS, and RHO Kappa honor societies, AP Scholarship with Honor, American Legion’s regional writing competition winner, and an accepted New Jersey Scholar under the NJSP. Between school years, I was a Summer Scholar under the Kode With Klossy program, designing and coding impactful websites alongside talented young women, as well as a counselor under the National Organization of Russian Explorers, devoting four weeks to counseling and service. Many positive memories have come from my involvement in athletics. As Captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team, I have been introduced to camaraderie and work ethic unlike any other. From this experience, I have been awarded HCIAL’s Scholar-Athlete and the Ray Arszulowicz award– I thank him for giving me the opportunity to further my education and for being incredibly active in the Girls Soccer community. In the Fall of 2022, I will be pursuing a Data Science degree at Columbia University. I hope to use my faculty in technology to improve communities and to make my wonderful family proud.

I will be attending Villanova University’s College of Arts and Sciences in the fall. I will be studying biology and plan to pursue a career in the medical field. I am currently the president of the 2022 Bayonne High School student government and have been a contributing member of the board since my freshman year. As president, the student government and I effectively planned and hosted some of Bayonne High School’s most successful student body events to date. Throughout my time at Bayonne High School, I have been a member of many other clubs and activities, including Model United Nations, in which I have competed in multiple national and international conferences, and the Bayonne volleyball program. I was a part of the New Jersey Association of Student Council’s 2021 state board serving as the Executive Member of State Charity where I had the opportunity to work with many other incredible student leaders across New Jersey. With the help of other student councils in New Jersey, we were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the charity I had the privilege of working with. I have been inducted into the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, and World Language Honor Society for French. I would like to thank all of my teachers, family, and friends who have been a part of my journey for their immense support and for encouraging me always. Without them, I know I would not be where I am today.

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