Greenhive Atelier hosts block party in Union City

The local art gallery looks to build bonds between artists and the community

The Greenhive Atelier and the DRS Collective are hosting the first iteration of the Greenhive Art Festival in Union City.

Located around the gallery at 102 45th Street, the festival will run the length of the whole street, from Park Avenue to Brown Street. The block party runs on June 25 from 1 to 7 p.m.

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The objective is to introduce the many artists, painters, photographers, and musicians from Union City and its neighboring towns to the residents in the area. The block party aims to encourage, talk about, and show the importance of the arts.

Artists present include: Ezra, Publisher of Du Funk Magazine; Squares; Viva Pancho; Jar TMF; Ruby; Hecho con Magia; CENT; Vinsinz; Dome NYC; Arlee; SlaughterDK; Frogsbreth; Cielo Mystic; Mota Te; R5 Wallace; Destiny Vasquez; Chip x Tos El Bashier; PHACT cm; Amapolay international artist; and more.

Fashion designers present include: Only Manifest Greatness; 28 World Wide; Finders Keepers BTQ; Printed Graphics; Cultura Stitchery; Falsehood; and Villainous New York, among others.

Live music will be provided by: Uncle Mook; Master Pierce; Torch Babby; Typo Masterpiece Guy; Argueta; Chip7; Cent PFE CM DRS Collective; Soapbox; Hadley; Alexander Yearns; LeeL; Bashier; Lue Beige; Northvale; Grass Man Misha; De La Co Co Tree; Brujita Warrior; and Marc Del Giudice, and more.

Andy Kajie will be providing photography of the event and there will be live painting by Angel Adams.

One of the many flyers for the block party.

Bridging the gap between artists and community

“We have artists from Union City as well as the area,” said Greenhive curator Joules. “They’re all from North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken, and Guttenberg. All the artists that we’ve been in touch with, we’ve invited them to be a part of it.”

She said she reached out to CENT to collaborate for the event. Other artists that regularly work with the gallery like SlaughterDK lent a hand too.

Then we collaborated with CENT, who is part of the DRS Collective,” Joules said. “He brings a group of artists together from different towns. He has done a lot of work in Newark and puts beautiful exhibitions on all around.” 

The event is free. It is intended to be a welcoming environment for the whole family, she added. 

“We want to create an event where the residents around this area get to meet the local artists,” Joules said. “We want to make sure that kids feel safe and welcome. We want them to be comfortable with the artists, who are, in my opinion, leading in the area. And to let them know to love the arts and be part of the arts because we are all natural born creators.” 

Overall, Joules aims to highlight the local art scene in North Hudson.

These artists are constantly here,” she said. “There is a presence. People associate the city with the arts, but you don’t have to go across the tunnel, it’s here. There’s a lot of studios that are just hidden. And the artists have to sell their art over there. So why not make it a place where other people can come from other areas and say yes this is also a place where you can experience art, love art, make art, and buy art.”

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