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North Bergen amends and reapproves budget

The move levels out an exorbitant tax increase by the county for local property owners

The North Bergen Board of Commissioners meet in the council chambers at Town Hall at 4233 Kennedy Boulevard. Photo by Daniel Israel.

North Bergen has amended its 2022 calendar year budget, which totals over $106 million.

The move follows the township rescinding its budget earlier in the month due to a “24 percent increase in the county tax levy” for North Bergen property owners. The budget was initially approved back in May with a 1.5 percent tax levy increase.

Mayor Nicholas Sacco and the North Bergen Township Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing the budget amendments. The township is using surplus funds to level things out.

According to the ordinance, total general appropriations in the budget increased slightly from a total of $106,036,919 to $106,064,256. However, some internal aspects of the budget have been shifted.

The anticipated total surplus decreased from $10,867,337 to $5,440,000. Other aspects of the budget were also affected.

Miscellaneous revenues shifted from to $27,796,919 to $37,384,256. State aid without offsetting appropriations was changed from $7,185,597 to $5,905,597.

The local tax for municipal purposes including the reserve for uncollected taxes was altered from $68,659,987 to $64,539,987. And the total amount to be raised by taxes for support of the municipal budget went from $71,200,000 to $67,080,000.

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