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‘GLAMONSTERS’ arrive at Dollhaus II in Bayonne

The art exhibit by 'Soigné' will hang at the Cottage Street gallery until mid-August

Soigné strikes a pose in front of some pieces that are part of his latest exhibit "GLAMONSTERS."

Brain “Soigné” Wilson has kicked off his second solo exhibition at the Dollhaus II art gallery at 23 Cottage Street in Bayonne. The exhibit, entitled “GLAMONSTERS” features both the fabulous and dark elements of Soigné’s work.

The opening reception was held on Friday, July 1 from 5 to 9 p.m. Soigné was in attendance in full “GLAMONSTER” attire, along with performer Iggy Berlin who was also dressed as one of Soigné’s “GLAMONSTER” paintings.

“GLAMONSTER”- shaped cupcakes by Bee Heim were available, as well as free refreshments. The show was well attended by residents looking for a whimsical experience that is not necessarily easy to find in Bayonne.

Soigné is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Brooklyn with his husband Brad. He is an original member of the “first happenings” and art events produced by Dollhaus from 1999 to 2001 before the original Dollhaus opened in July of 2001.

Now Soigné continues to work with the gallery to this day, drawing on his entire body of work for this new exhibit. He combines glamor and monsters in his latest amalgam of fantastical art.

From ceiling to floor, Dollhaus II was lined with Soigné’s kooky creatures and fabulous beings.

“When I was deciding on a show title for my second solo art show at the Dollhaus II gallery, I browsed through my body of artwork and looked for a common thread,” Soigné said. “I found that a lot of my portraits of Drag Queens, Club Kids, and beautiful people, are glamorous. I also looked at over 2,000 drawings and paintings of creatures I created and found a lot of them to be monsteresque!”

Iggy Berlin and Soigné were both dressed as “GLAMONSTERS.”

Soigné continued: “Glamor is a noun that means: an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem unappealing. Monster is a noun that means: an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening. I decided to use one of my famous word mash-ups and call the show GLAMONSTERS!”

Many came out see Soigné’s second solo exhibition at the Dollhaus II.

Using the juxtaposition of both the glamorous and monstrous sides of his art, the concept of “GLAMONSTERS” was born. The theme is further illustrated by the walls of the gallery being covered in his most beautiful and also creature-filled paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.

Cupcakes by Bee Heim are always a hit at Dollhaus II opening receptions.

Soigné is excited to show this blend of his new and old works in his latest exhibit. His work will hang at the outsider art gallery until August 14, featuring some pieces that haven’t been on display in years and new art alike.

Soigné discusses his works of art with those in attendance.

“I would like the viewer to be thrilled by this collection of artworks, some of which haven’t been exhibited in decades,” Soigné said. “My show also includes new painting, drawings, and sculptures I created exclusively for GLAMONSTERS and the Dollhaus II art gallery, I watched hours of my fave horror movies for inspiration with my sketchbook in hand. I especially love the big bug monster movies.”

The “GLAMONSTERS” are cute yet dark and kooky but mischievous beings, as conceived by Soigné.

“These GLAMONSTERS don’t bite, but they do excite,” Soigné said.

Iggy Berlin performed as a “GLAMONSTER” throughout the night.

For more information on the exhibit or gallery, go to xdollhausx.com.

Soigné’s “GLAMONSTERS” even made their way on to Dollhaus II’s famous pink mannequins in front of the gallery.

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