Letter to Hoboken City Council re: Municipal Complex

Dear Editor:

Dear Hoboken City Council Members,
I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. Like many residents of Hoboken, I am on vacation this week and will be unable to attend tonight’s Council Meeting. I read yesterday’s report in the Hudson County View that the City of Hoboken is moving forward with plans to build the $192.5 municipal complex on the Poggi site and am writing because I have the following questions and concerns about this project:

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1. “City spokeswoman Marilyn Baer shed little detail on how the logistics would work.” Why not? I think the public is entitled to more information before our Council commits to spending $192.5.

2. “The city is exploring any and all options to potentially move forward with the relocation of the DPW garage……” What other options have been explored? Why were they rejected? Why can’t we renovate the current police headquarters (as some have suggested)? Would a temporary relocation of the garage while we look to determine a better permanent option be so terrible? From the beginning, I have objected to the taking of the Poggi site for this purpose and would love to know what other options have been or will be explored. Much like the high school proposal in January, this municipal complex, in my opinion, is overdesigned, overbuilt and its costs will outweigh the benefits.

3. “…the agency (HCIA) has not received a formal request from the city yet.” How can the Council vote on something without having the details that would be part of a formal request?

4. Has the cost of this project been factored into the pending budget and what is the impact? Note – I do not see a final budget on the city’s website.

I’m disappointed that, once again, a major project is on the agenda at a time when it is difficult for the general public to attend the meeting and express concerns. I urge you to carefully consider the merits of this project and cast your vote objectively, not because Mayor Bhalla has said that “There’s no way it’s not gonna happen.”

Thank you for your consideration of these questions while you weigh your position on this project.

Debbie Jacobus
5th Ward resident


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