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Five Dollar Gas Is Here To Stay


Dear Editor:

The current gas prices have nothing to do with the war in the Ukraine but have everything to do with the Biden administration. Before the Biden administration took office we had achieved oil independence. Not only did we produce enough crude oil for our own needs, we produced excess to sell on the international markets. As soon as the Biden administration came in they declared federal land leased to oil companies that had active wells as protected land and thus shut down those wells. The purpose of these shut downs was to increase gasoline prices and make operating gasoline cars more expensive than operating electric cars. This was to entice the American people to replace their gasoline cars with electric cars. Where the electricity to fuel all of these electric cars is supposed to come from is still a miracle.
This is all part of the greater strategy to eliminate burning fossil fuels to massively decrease the emission of CO2. The great slogan of the Left Liberal Socialist Movement is that we must lower our carbon footprint. Does anyone remember what our biological life is based on, plant as well as animal? CARBON!!! So how can carbon be the enemy of life? Oh yeas, carbon dioxide (CO2) causes global warming, renamed to climate change so that any natural disaster can be attributed to “climate change”. 100 years ago we supposedly measured CO2 at 0.2%, only 0.05% above the critical amount of 0.015% at which all plant live on the surface of earth seizes to exist (as per Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace). Now we measure CO2 at 0.4%. During the Jurassic Age, the age of dinosaurs and giant plants, CO2 in the atmosphere was at 2%, not 0.2%, but 10 times the amount namely 2%! At that level of 2% CO2 our planet was not an uninhabitable oven but we saw the largest and most luscious expression of life. As CO2 depleted, the expression of life on earth became smaller and smaller and smaller. Furthermore, the analysis of the air trapped in the ice in the Northern Greenland ice shelf revealed that 1000 and 2000 years ago, when we had similar warming cycles of our atmosphere the CO2 levels were about the same as today. This rather indicates that the causation is revered, this climate change is a natural cycle and it is this warming that causes a higher absorption of CO2 in our atmosphere. This is supported by many scientists but they are silenced in the mainstream media around the world. So, no matter what the Biden administration does, it will not affect our climate, but it will destroy our economy and our livelihood. Welcome to mass poverty!

Alexander Schenk

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