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New Jersey Democratic Party Declares War on Independents

New Jersey Independent Voters (the NJ affiliate of Independent Voting) calls on Governor Murphy to veto bill A3820/S2869 and to make a statement opposing the disenfranchisement of independent/unaffiliated voters.

Bill A3820/S2869 prohibits 2.4M unaffiliated voters in New Jersey from receiving mail-in ballots for the primaries. Instead, independents would be sent a party affiliation form.

This action sends a strong message to independent voters. “The Democratic Party doesn’t respect you, doesn’t want to build bridges with you, and does not welcome your participation in taxpayer funded elections.”

Independents register as unaffiliated voters for many reasons, including that they care about democracy. They want to vote for the candidate, not the party. They did not forget to pick a party when they registered.

The State should not be coercing independent voters into registering in a party in order to have full political rights.

Independent voters represent 43% of the American electorate. With the midterms around the corner, the New Jersey and National Democratic Parties need unaffiliated voters now more than ever. They should be embracing independents, instead of rejecting them. The statement made in New Jersey will be heard around the country.

Recent polls have found that Americans are deeply disatissfiled with government, with 79% of voters believing that it’s critical to protect our democracy. The actions of New Jersey Democrats only serve to fuel this distrust.

New Jersey Independent Voters call on Governor Murphy to not only veto A3820/S2869, but to make a strong statement that he welcomes independent voters and supports their full participation in the political process.

Sue Davies



Facebook Group for New Jersey Independent Voters. Please join the Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1547105388730666/

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